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Stephen Gorry

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Stephen has over 30 years' experience in litigation and dispute resolution. Stephen has been a client of Altus for approximately 20 years.

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Their Challenges

Like many lawyers, my wife and I were working towards becoming partners in the law firm we were working at. We also wanted to have children and we were wondering “how are we going to do it all?” Being a busy professional, working out the logistics of having kids AND being partners in a law firm, we didn’t want to spend much time on tax, our accounts and the rest of our financial world.

Typically, the risk mitigation of being partners of a Law firm means you have unlimited liability. For my wife and I, it was important to set up a trust structure as soon as possible. It wasn’t a conventional set up at the time.

We wanted to build some assets that we were protected. We wanted to ensure that if we were sued next week, there would be enough to support our children.

It worked perfectly to go to Altus.


“I’ve lived through a recession, 2 booms, and a GFC. Through that period Altus has always had the guiding principle to keep it real, stay calm and don’t overreach. For busy professionals like me, that's exactly what I need.”

Litigation Lawyer
Making it all come together

Their Experience with Altus Financial


I’ve watched Altus mature and develop over the 18 years I’ve been with them and I’ve been nothing short of impressed and delighted. When I go to networking events that Altus hosts and I see clients that I’ve recommended from years ago, and they’re still there – that’s really encouraging.

Working with Altus is always very easy, I’m asking Roy and the team to do something I don’t want to do.

Altus has always been seamless in the delivery of their services (although I know there’s a lot of work in the background) but it has always been a very “no drama” experience.

"It's really satisfying to see the plan come together over time and know that our guidance has played a part in the successful financial future for his family."

Roy Ditmarsch
Altus Managing Director

How we helped

Roy and the team have taught us to plan and create goals. My wife and I didn’t come from money - we came from modest families with modest financial objectives. We learnt as we went along the benefits of goal setting.

The planning side was always tailored to us. The team listened to us. It was an educational process for us – very interactive.

When I recommend Altus, I tell people that if you’re a busy professional and you’re not really a numbers person - then Altus is for you.

"Roy and the team are always good at being upfront about everything."

Litigation Lawyer