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Trevor McGaw

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Trevor has worked for a leading concrete mixing business for 9 years and has worked with Mark from Altus during this time.

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Their Challenges

When the Founder of the business passed away so suddenly, there was no trained successor to run the business. There was no one to be able to run the business as a Managing Director.

Mark stepped in and guided the business the whole way. He was there every week for the first few months to help teach David (the successor) to run the business.

He taught him all the day-to-day running of the business and guided him through it all, even though David was very unsure of it all. From Mark’s training, it’s all running smoothly now and now we only need to meet every 3 months to ensure everything is on track.


“Altus dials into our server and gets real-time data which gives us accurate management reports.”

Financial Officer - Consultant
Making it all come together

Their Experience with Altus Financial


Working with Mark has always been excellent. He’s very much a people person and he will explain everything in normal everyday terms. If you don’t understand it, you can say “I don’t understand it, you need to simplify it” and he will.

With previous accounting firms I’ve worked with, they don’t know your business, whereas Mark really wants to understand your business and your aspirations so he can get you from A to B.

"We've helped Trevor and the team in running a 21st century business and keeping ahead of 21st century exponential change."

Mark Graham
Altus Director

How we helped

Since working with Mark, I’ve learnt a huge amount about accounting and the financial side of running the business. It’s been a huge learning curve for me.

There’s been huge improvements in the efficiency of the business. Mark has taken us from old dated processes that involved a lot of paper to new, modern, proactive cloud based systems that allow us to reduce paper wastage. Altus now dials into our server and get real-time data. Now we can get an accurate management report.

"When Bruce passed away, Mark was there every week for the first few months to help run the business as a managing director."

Financial Officer - Consultant