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Chris Tobin

Associate Adviser

As an Associate Adviser, Chris brings a broad range of experience across the highest levels of wealth management. He is passionate about working with clients to help them achieve their financial goals.

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About Chris

Chris believes that a person’s goals are the most important thing. Chris has a deep understanding of how to structure a client’s financial world in order to make their situation work for them. Having spent his entire financial career working in boutique financial planning advice, he has amassed the knowledge that clients can depend on when making financial decisions.

As an Associate Adviser at Altus Financial, he works closely with the directors and our clients to help them navigate the difficult decisions in their life. He works with the directors when they provide advice to their clients and ensuring that its right for them.

Chris doesn’t make any assumptions about how to help client reach their financial goals. He approaches financial decisions by thinking about how the strategy, structures and investments work together to achieve a client’s goals



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