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Retirement Planning

“Your retirement years can be the best time of your life if you take steps now to make sure your funds go the distance.”



Get your retirement goals on track

In this 32-page eGuide, we outline how you can achieve your retirement goals through simple planning strategies. Chapters include;

  • The Changing Definition of Retirement
  • How Much Do I Need for a Comfortable Retirement?
  • The Benefits of Super
  • Super vs. Mortgage
  • Strategies when Preparing for Retirement
  • To Be Advised or Not to Be Advised
  • Make the Most of Your Super When You Retire
  • Protecting Your Family
  • Retiring With Debt
  • Estate Planning

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As a Director of Altus Financial, Matt helps his clients solve their financial problems and plan their futures. Whilst it sounds like a cliché, to have the best chance of achieving that to which you aspire you must first know what you're trying to achieve. Having facilitated discussions to achieve this clarity, Matt then utilises his experience to deliver sophisticated solutions in simple language.