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Aged Care

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  • Time Sensitive
  • Diverse Strategies
  • Compassionate Service
  • Real Life Experience
  • Don’t know how you’ll pay for a loved one’s aged care expenses
  • Wonder how aged care will affect your overall finances
  • Don’t know how much you should save for future aged care costs
  • Want to learn about your options for funding your child’s education
  • Need financial guidance during a difficult time
  • Are you confused about how to calculate aged care costs
  • You want to minimise fees and maximise entitlements


Deciding to move a loved one to an aged care facility can be emotionally and financially difficult. We understand the stress and uncertainty that swirl around family members and friends during this time, and we seek to calm your fears and help you to move forward with optimism and confidence.

Before you make important financial decisions regarding the funding of aged care, speak with one of our wealth management experts so you understand the pros and cons of each of your options. By approaching aged care calmly and professionally, you can safeguard and preserve wealth, whilst looking after your loved ones.

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Aged Care Services
Borrowing Advice

Borrowing Advice

Borrowing to finance aged care costs doesn’t have to derail your financial plan or your taxation situation. We can assist you in structuring your funding requirements in a way that helps you to stay on track with your financial goals. For example, debt recycling may be an effective strategy for keeping your borrowings efficient over time. Our advisers also factor in affordability and cash flow as they guide you through this process.

Aged Care Financial Planning

Aged Care Financial Planning

Australians are living longer than ever before! This great news, coupled with growing aged care costs, means that financial planning has never been more important. Although it’s impossible to know exactly how much you’ll need for covering your future care costs, our advisors can help you to create a plan that will allow you to move forward with confidence that you’ll have the resources you need when the time comes.


Meet the Aged Care team

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Adam Montana

Principal Client Adviser

Adam believes the secret to getting ahead is getting started. Adam helps clients realise where they are now, where it's possible to go, and works through the reality of this to achieve a positive financial outcome. Seeing the results of his advice gives him a real sense of satisfaction.

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