Successful business is built on a foundation of solid accounting & compliance


In our experience, successful people and successful businesses usually have one thing in common: they’re built on a foundation of disciplined financial management and compliance with the law. It may seem like a small thing, but the simple knowledge that you are fully compliant can release you to concentrate on the important business of maximising your opportunities.

You may be surprised at this, but we are actually huge fans of financial statements and believe that many under-rate their importance and usefulness. They provide a source of truth that businesses rely on in so many ways. Financial statements are a great starting point for the financial analysis of your business, relied on by banks for your funding requirements, keeping things fair and equitable between shareholders or partners as well as the all-important link to the taxation position and compliance of your financial world.

Your financial statements and records are reviewed for compliance with relevant income tax law. Supporting workpaper files are then prepared to ensure quality preparation of your income tax return and to assist in the event that the return is subject to a future enquiry or audit. We also compare to your tax planning results to ensure that everything is in accord with your expectations.

The cloud is the future. Altus is a leader in the profession by going to the cloud well before others - our own business has been run by a cloud accounting and ERP system since 2008.  So is the cloud right for you? Let us help you manage that decision and everything that flows from it. Successful businesses need real time information and real time advisers. The cloud is generally the most effective enabler available.

Reliable, accurate and complete financial information is needed to run your business. To do this you need the appropriate resources and the right tools. We can help you with both. We use a variety of cloud accounting systems such as MYOB, Xero, JcurveSassu and can assist you with the resourcing of your accounting function.

Compliance with corporate regulation can be mundane and at times complex. We know this world and can provide you with peace of mind by allowing us to take care of it for you. Whether it be Annual ASIC returns, director appointments, share issues or other corporate compliance matters, we have it all covered.

We act as your representative in liaising with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) regarding matters ranging from your tax returns, BAS and IAS returns and also the regular correspondence that comes your way.

It's important to get the right advice around the entities that are most appropriate to your financial world, and then it's equally important to go about the task of actually setting everything up in the right way. Whether it's companies, trusts, superannuation funds or partnerships, we are able to make it all happen in a legally effective manner. 


Compliance with your stamp duty obligations is important when entering into significant contracts and transactions, especially capital business and property transactions. Not only can we advise you in this area, but we can also take care of any ongoing compliance.

Compliance with your land tax obligations can be relevant when you own property apart from your own home. Not only can we advise you in this area, but we can also take care of any ongoing compliance.

Compliance with your payroll tax obligations can be relevant when you exceed certain payroll thresholds. Not only can we advise you in this area, but we can also take care of any ongoing compliance.

Take the guesswork out of your financial future with just one phone call