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With so many providers out there, it can be challenging to cut through the clutter and find a home or an investment loan option that works for you. Whether you’re looking to invest in property, refinance your mortgage, or consolidate your debt, our loan specialists know exactly where to look to find the most suitable loan in the market. At Altus, our experienced loan specialists take a wide-angle view of these factors, arming you with a strategic, effective and smarter lending option. 



We take a unique approach to our clients’ financial interests. We believe that in order to deliver value to you, we need to understand how every facet of your financial world works together. Above all, we uphold a mission that guides all that we do - to be our clients’ financial guide and guardian.

When it comes to a cost-effective home loan, research and preparation are essential. Whether you’re seeking a basic or offset home loan, our loan specialists have the expertise to secure a water-tight home loan.

Investment loans are fairly similar to a regular home loan. You can choose between variable interest rate, fixed rate and split rate. There are 2 types of loans that investors usually utilise which include interest only or a line of credit.

Refinancing loan means taking out a new loan to pay out your current mortgage. Refinancing is often used to utilise a more competitive loan rate or features.

A construction loan is for major renovations or building a new home. It’s a specialised loan that unlike a regular home loan, (where a lump sum of the loan amount is given at settlement), construction loans are paid out in instalment periods, based on the different stages of construction.

A debt consolidation loan is when you consolidate or “fold” many different debts into one loan, that has a lower overall interest rate.

A car loan is a finance option for a new or a used car. It’s beneficial to speak to our loan specialists before going to a dealership so you have more bargaining power.

Our loan specialists can help you with:

A Chattel Mortgage – A chattel mortgage is a loan for a vehicle, where the vehicle is used as security for the loan. It’s usually the most popular type of finance for business car loans due to the potential tax benefits.

Commercial Hire Purchase – A commercial hire purchase is where a finance company purchases a car/vehicle on behalf of a customer. The customer makes regular payments over a fixed period-of-time and then you get the option to purchase the car at the end of the period.

Novated Lease – A novated lease is a type of a salary packaging where the employer pays vehicle lease payments out of pre-tax salary.

Vehicle Finance Lease – A vehicle finance lease is when a lender takes “ownership” of a vehicle. A Business will then lease it from the lender, for an agreed lease term, paying a fixed amount. This offers flexibility in that you can continue to lease the car the after the lease period finishes, you could purchase the car outright, or even consider a new car lease if you want to upgrade or update the vehicle.

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