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Chris Pearce

General Manager

GM and Altus shareholder/founder. The mission Chris sets himself at Altus is to “dream big, get stuff done, have fun and contribute!”

He does that across the people, process and technology spectrums to ensure the Altus environment gives our team the best chance of doing their very best for themselves, the firm and our clients.


About Chris

An experienced business leader, Chris possesses a wide skill set developed over the past 30 plus years in both commercial and also private business advisory environments. General Manager of Altus Financial, Chris was a co-founder and has been a Board member for many years. He has played a key role right from the humble business start up days right through to the present day where Altus is now a leading Sydney private business advisory firm.

Chris has broad responsibility across the financial, operational, people and technology disciplines and wouldn’t have it any other way. He loves to ask a good question and encourage career progress, trust, learning and success in others. He is passionate about providing the best possible environment for Altus people to excel - for the benefit of themselves, the firm and its clients.

Spending his free time in the ocean, Chris is a passionate surfer, swimmer and conservationist. He loves spending time with his all grown up family and regularly escapes in his campervan or maybe a plane for a bushwalk, another ocean adventure, or just to hang out somewhere where nature is turning it on.



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