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Chris Villegas

Advice & Compliance Manager

Chris is a multiskilled Advice & Compliance Manager! This means he is able to provide expertise across many areas ranging from investments, superannuation, insurance, strategic advice, compliance guidance and protection to advisers and staff internally as well as to clients.


About Chris

As an Advice & Compliance Manager for Altus Financial, Chris works with clients and our advisers to develop financial strategies. He also assists with analysing clients’ existing situation including their investments, superannuation, personal and business insurances and ensuring these meet our clients’ goals.

For our Wealth Management clients, Chris is the main point of contact, helping them to understand their financial strategies or providing guidance and assistance to their needs. Chris also works closely with the team to provide support through mentoring and training staff sharing his knowledge to help develop the skills and knowledge team members.

Chris has strong ethical values; he ensures that the advice provided to clients is not only compliant but also in the client's best interest ensuring they can achieve their financial goal and objectives.



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