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Matt Smith


Matt is a tireless, results driven adviser with a passion for collaborating with clients to help them make optimal financial decisions. Focussed on a seamless alignment between aspirations and strategy, Matt’s purpose for being professionally is to deliver peace of mind that financial decisions made now are supportive of a successful financial future for his clients.


About Matt

Matt is a Director at Altus and has over 18 years experience working with people at all stages of life to fulfil their financial potential.

Whilst Matt’s technical skills ensures that he understands intimately the advice needs of his clients and the conflicting priorities of living today whilst saving for the future, it’s Matt’s breadth of expertise and experience that allow him to act as one of the primary Relationship Managers between Altus and our clients. Like the skipper on a ship, it’s Matt’s role to always be looking ahead, navigating the way through a plethora of challenges and choices and draw the right technical specialists into the discussion whenever they’re required.

Matt’s relationships with knowledge experts within the financial services sector allow our clients to access information and expertise to which they may otherwise not have access. This access to experts gives our clients the best chance of achieving their financial aspirations whilst mitigating risk where possible.



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