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Roy Ditmarsch

Managing Director

Our fearless leader - dedicated to delivering the way financial advisory services are delivered to private clients. Roy has been running Altus Financial since inception, which is about 28 years.

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About Roy

Over 34 years of diversified experience in partnering with a wide range of clients with varied needs. Roy is a Chartered Accountant and the founder & Managing Director of Altus Financial. His experience is ex Ernst & Young and international investment bank Security Pacific Australia.

In addition to accounting and compliance services generally, Roy also specialises in working with and advising family owned businesses, acquisitions and divestment advisory, strategic adviser in change management engagements and deep knowledge of SME specific taxation, associated legal and compliance frameworks.

The Altus Team is long established and carry a reputation for delivering client outcomes in a no nonsense, black and white manner, irrespective of whether they be simple or complex. We stand in our clients shoes every’s why we exist.



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