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Scott Young


Scott or Scotty as he is known by the Altus Team and many of his clients, brings years of experience as a Director of our Business Services Advisory Team.

Scotty and his team are passionately dedicated to servicing privately owned clients and helping them run better businesses and in turn as owners, live better lives!

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About Scott

Scott is a Director, Board Member and Shareholder of Altus Financial with over 15 years experience. Specialising in working with family owned businesses, he helps them with their challenges to grow their wealth, negotiate market conditions, satisfy succession planning goals internally or through external sales, monitor and understand industry trends, mitigate risk and prosper. He does this by being by their side through the difficult times as well as the good times. This guidance is what builds strong long-term relationships, but most of all seeing my clients succeed is what motivates him.

Scotty believes there are too many "head nodders" in the world, and likes to use jargon free language to tell our clients what they need to hear, not always what they want to hear so they can succeed.



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