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Valeriya Alexandrova

Operations Manager

In her role as the Operations Manager at Altus Financial, Valeriya is the mastermind behind the company's systems, processes, and financial reporting. Her enthusiasm knows no bounds when it comes to orchestrating and overseeing operations. Valeriya thrives on tracking and scrutinizing the current production systems, guaranteeing they operate with utmost effectiveness and efficiency, all while concocting strategies for enhancement. Her ultimate aim? To trim down each process to its most streamlined and efficient version.


About Valeriya

Working as the Operations Manager at Altus Financial, Valeriya is passionate about planning and directing operations and improving the productivity and efficiency of Altus Financial.

Her key strengths are data analysis, data interpretation, maintaining financial systems, processes and controls that significantly increase the reliability and maximise system efficiencies.

Valeriya reports on the financial performance, analyses the financial statements to discover new drivers of profitability, budgeting and forecasting for Altus.



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