Why Us?

Wondering why you should choose us?

There are many firms that do some of the things we do. But not many that do them all. And very few that share our "why": to be your financial guide and guardian.

We make it our business to understand you. To help you create your vision, grow it, focus and manage what matters while always protecting your financial world.

No surprises. Real life advice.





The success of our firm is dependent on the success of our clients

With over 30 years in the personal financial and SME business advice profession, the Altus brand has emerged as one that is well respected throughout the industry. The leaders of the firm have diverse roots and experience, some beginning their careers in the Big 4 accountancy firms and others from financial planning and business advisory backgrounds.

The idea behind the Altus name was that the Latin word “Altus” literally means “high and deep”. To us, this symbolises the high level of trust, depth and quality of relationship our clients seek and value highly.


AC Awards 2016 - 2018    

Our People


Everyone at Altus is here for a reason


We are extremely selective when it comes to adding people to our team.
We've blended young, savvy business people with seasoned industry experts
who are relentless in their efforts to help others succeed.

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