Ensure my Estate is planned and taken care of

Ensure my Estate is planned and taken care of

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For anyone who has reached their preservation age and is still working, there is now the ability to ease into retirement.

Until recently, you could only access superannuation benefits if a ‘condition of release’ was met (i.e. turning 65, or retiring after attaining preservation age). This generally made it hard to reduce your working hours and maintain your standard of living.

The introduction of a new ‘condition of release’ means it is possible for you to utilise some or all of your superannuation before you fully retire. You can make up for your reduced employment income with a regular income stream from your superannuation benefits.

Valuable assets maybe at potential future risk from possible future legal action, banks and creditors, even family in a divorce or estate dispute situation. It's vitally important that all this is considered to protect your future.

Whether you are in business or just wish to protect personal assets, wealth asset protection strategies are essential and often ignored. Altus clients benefit from a range of services acting in a integrated holistic way that sees your other objectives such as tax efficiency also taken into account.

Estate planning is about a lot more than having an up-to-date will. A good estate plan will structure your estate so you can distribute your assets according to your wishes, protect your family’s interests and minimise tax. If you have assets of any kind, you really need to consider an Estate Plan.
We can help you put in place the right level of protection by taking into account not just what should go right but also what might go wrong. Being protected against unforeseen events such as illness, injury, permanent incapacity, traumatic illness and death is paramount in protecting your wealth.
Before you start a SMSF, it’s important to weigh up the benefits and requirements. A SMSF gives you more control over your superannuation and retirement planning, better tax management, improved cash flow management, direct investment risk management, however there is also running costs to consider, the responsibilities are significant and there can be penalties for non-compliance with the rules.

Financial planning is the first step to building wealth and giving you the financial freedom you desire. Your personalised plan takes into account your current situation, where you want to be in the future, and how best to get there by managing the flow of your finances to achieve the future you’ve always pictured.

There are many elements that are taken into account to achieve your financial plan: your attitude towards risk, your time horizon, investment choice, cash flow and borrowing capacity.

As part of your overall investment strategy we may recommend utilising our Model Portfolio Series.
Our Model Portfolios include a number of investments that blend together to formulate your investment strategy, which is in line with your tolerance to risk.

What’s in it for you?

Having a Model Portfolio means that:
• Your investment selection is ready-made by experts in their field.
• Your portfolio is diversified – your nest egg is not all in the one basket.
• Changes to your investments over time are subject to our disciplined rebalancing process.

This may not initially seem important to you but it is a huge benefit. Our quarterly rebalancing process means that all asset allocations are automatically adjusted regularly according to your planned risk tolerance level.

• Your financial world is now structured and investment decisions aren’t made ad hoc or based on emotion.

Initial advice The way we work is to start with a blank canvas, and help you realise your masterpiece. We will create a strategy that’s right for your situation, so you can achieve the financial goals you’ve pictured.

Once you have your financial plan, your advisor will periodically “check in” with you and review your progress towards your goals. This is particularly important as it keeps your financial plan on track, updated and tailored to you. Major changes or lifestyle change? Whether it’s a change in your personal life, such as having a child, economic environment changes, or you have changed Lifestage, we are always evaluating our advice, to ensure it suits your new situation.

Your Ongoing Service Program is designed to be relevant to the goals you are trying to achieve, the stage of life you are at and the complexity of your personal situation. This means if there are any major changes in your lifestyle this will impact your current advice and plan, and therefore, your level of ongoing service, sometimes a new plan is needed. Back on track When we review your progress, we will help you make informed decisions about whether any changes to your plan are required.

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