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Business Performance and CFO Services

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  • Diverse Strategies
  • Real Life Experience
  • Are bogged down in the day-to-day
  • Making money but have no cash
  • Are having difficulties in your business as a result of a material change or shock
  • Have more work than you can keep up with
  • Feel out of control
  • Aren’t confident in your financial data
  • Received a large and unexpected tax bill
  • Struggle to maintain cash flow
  • Are having a hard time funding rapid growth
  • Want to supplement your existing finance team
  • Need to restructure your borrowing arrangements
  • Are seeking a more cost-effective solution to a full-time CFO
  • Found another cash hole


Business owners often wear so many hats that it starts to blur their days. Managing staffing, marketing, products and services, compliance, tax, cash flow, reporting and everything in between can quickly bog you down in the day-to-day.

Our Business Advisers unburden you from time-consuming financial duties and allow you to focus on the activities that will grow your business. From cash flow management and reporting to business planning and technology solutions, our business experts can ease your daily struggles and guide you and your team to where you want to go.

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Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting

To know where your business is going tomorrow, you need to know where it stands today. With our Performance Reporting service providing accurate visibility into your financial position, you gain the clarity you need to make informed tactical business decisions.

Business Planning

Business Planning

Are you following a strategic roadmap to success? A defined, realistic and strategic business plan will start you down the pathway to sustainable growth. A comprehensive business plan should include blueprints for finances, marketing, registration, compliance, employer obligations and realistic timelines.

Business Strategy Planning

Business Strategy Planning

Every healthy business is underpinned by a healthy business strategy. Our Business Strategy services help you to outline a viable path towards your goals. With the road laid out before you, the day-to-day work becomes more straightforward.

Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management

Looking ahead is essential in business, which is why cash flow budgeting, planning and forecasting are so important. With our Cash Flow Management service painting a data-driven picture of your finances, you can move forward without unexpected bumps in the road.

Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting

Successful businesses need real-time information and real-time advisers. Our own business has been run by a cloud accounting and ERP system since 2008, so we’re well-acquainted with the Cloud’s advantages and features. Bring your accounting system up to today’s standards by moving it to the Cloud.

Organisational Design and Restructuring

Organisational Design and Restructuring

People are the lifeblood of any business, and it’s essential that they’re motivated, knowledgeable and equipped to succeed. With our Organisational Design and Restructuring service focusing on the individuals in your operation, you can enjoy the power of more productive employees.



Keeping accurate and professional records is an essential part of running a business. With accurate bookkeeping, you’ll know how profitable your business is and where your finances stand. This information allows you to make informed decisions at a moment’s notice and to be prepared for taxes and other legal obligations.


Meet the CFO team

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Scott Young


Scott or Scotty as he is known by the Altus Team and many of his clients, brings years of experience as a Director of our Business Services Advisory Team. Scotty and his team are passionately dedicated to servicing privately owned clients and helping them run better businesses and in turn as owners, live better lives!

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Paul Conaghan


Paul is driven by providing practical business and taxation advice to SMEs. Paul is one of the Founders of Altus.

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Roy Ditmarsch

Managing Director

Our fearless leader - dedicated to delivering the way financial advisory services are delivered to private clients. Roy has been running Altus Financial since inception, which is about 28 years.

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Brad Cochrane

Senior Client Adviser

Dedicated, enthusiastic and reliable. Brad loves working with the passion and drive of our SME clients as they truly have something on the line with their business.Brad thrives on the collaborative team effort at Altus so we can partner with our clients to achieve their desired goals.

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Roslyn Caldwell

Senior Client Adviser

Roslyn has a well rounded background with experience in both firms and commerce that allows her the ability to better understand the needs of businesses, and deliver it in a meaningful manner.

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Lana Huang

Senior Client Adviser

Lana enjoys building relationships with clients and guiding them toward their business and personal goals. Her expertise lies in financial and tax needs for high net wealth, professionals and SMEs.

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Jeremy D'Cruz

Senior Client Adviser

Jeremy thrives on achieving the best results for his clients. Together with his team, he delivers a range of services so they can achieve their business and personal goals.

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