Employer Warning – Labour Hire Scam


Have you recently outsourced your business’s payroll processing function?

Scams across the country have been identified involving ‘labour hire payroll processers’. It’s been discovered that they are not passing on payroll taxes to the relevant State Revenue Office.

Employers are having to pay to meet their outstanding tax liabilities, as well as trying to recover the amounts paid to the payroll processor. If you are about to enter a ‘labour hire contract’, ensure you have undertaken a thorough due diligence.

If you are using a contracted payroll processor and they are forwarding payments on your behalf, we strongly recommend that you check on a monthly basis that all payroll tax liabilities are being forwarded to the relevant State Revenue Authority.

Marc Walsh

As a Principal Client Adviser at Altus, I work with business owners of SME’s that have a business vision or a goal they want to achieve. Our clients often work with me to get the best approaches to structuring, cash flow, minimise the risks in their business whilst considering increasing their personal wealth. Let's Connect