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Demystifying Investment Structures: A Simple Guide for Investors

Hello again all, Shane Brennan here. In the fifth article in my series, I’m exploring the world of investment structures. Imagine standing at the threshold of a vast financial landscape, each investment avenue beckoning with promise. Investment structures can .....

Strategy - 8 min read

Hello again everyone, 

Shane Brennan here. I’m thrilled to be returning for the next part of my blog series. 

It’s a pleasure to share the expertise I’m bringing to my new role as Principal Client Advisor at Altus Financial and explore the elements of my job that bring me the most fulfilment, as well as significant benefits to my clients. 

In this article, I’ll be investigating the world of agile business planning for small-medium-enterprise businesses. 

The events of recent years, from COVID-19 to geopolitical instability, have created a rapidly evolving and increasingly unstable landscape for business owners.

It’s never been more urgent to adopt an agile mindset. Not only to survive but to thrive in this new environment. Let’s explore it together. 

Navigating the Business Landscape of 2024: Key Challenges and Strategic Imperatives

As we step into the dynamic terrain of 2024, business owners face an array of challenges that demand strategic foresight and adaptability. 

From technological disruptions to global uncertainties, the modern business landscape requires a proactive approach to succeed amid these complexities:

Economic Uncertainty

Rapid changes in economic conditions, influenced by factors like global events and market dynamics, require businesses to adopt agile financial planning.


Rising inflationary pressures pose challenges to pricing strategies, supply chain management, and overall financial stability for businesses.

Sustainable Business

Embracing sustainability is no longer optional. Businesses must align with eco-friendly practices to meet consumer expectations and contribute to a sustainable future.

Geopolitical Instability

Fluctuating geopolitical landscapes impact international trade, supply chains, and regulatory environments, requiring businesses to navigate geopolitical uncertainties strategically.


With the increasing digitisation of business operations, safeguarding sensitive data against cyber threats is a paramount concern for business owners.

Artificial Intelligence

Integrating artificial intelligence brings transformative opportunities but navigating ethical considerations and workforce implications requires strategic planning.

Agile Business Models: Navigating Market Dynamics with Flexibility

In the fast-paced business landscape of 2024, the ability to adapt swiftly to changing market conditions is not just an advantage but a necessity. 

An agile business model is a strategic approach that emphasises flexibility, responsiveness, and continuous adaptation to meet evolving customer needs and navigate uncertainties.

At its core, agility in business refers to the capacity to pivot quickly and efficiently in response to shifts in the market, technology, or other external factors.

This approach fosters a dynamic and informed process, allowing SMEs to stay ahead in a rapidly changing environment.

In a world marked by economic uncertainties, technological disruptions, and shifting customer expectations, the agile methodology is well-suited to empower SMEs.

Now, let's delve into the practical applications and real-world examples that showcase the power of agility in steering businesses through uncertain times.

Financial Agility in SMEs: Strategies for Sustainable Success

Navigating uncertainties in the financial landscape requires a tailored approach and professional support that blends financial agility with overall business strategies. 

Here are ten essential strategies to fortify SMEs in dynamic markets:

1. Dynamic Budgeting: Adopt a dynamic budgeting approach that allows for swift adjustments based on changing economic conditions. Financial experts can provide insights for real-time budget adjustments aligned with strategic goals.

2. Cash Flow Forecasting: Prioritise robust cash flow forecasting to anticipate and mitigate potential financial challenges. Financial professionals can offer precise forecasting models to enhance liquidity management.

3. Cost Flexibility: Create cost structures that can quickly adapt to shifts in the market. Financial advisors can assist in identifying areas for cost flexibility without compromising operational efficiency.

4. Strategic Financial Partnerships: Establish strategic financial partnerships to enhance access to capital during uncertain times. Financial experts can advise on suitable financial partners and collaborative arrangements.

5. Risk Management Strategies: Develop comprehensive risk management strategies to safeguard against financial volatility. Financial professionals can conduct risk assessments and recommend tailored risk mitigation measures.

6. Alternative Financing Solutions: Explore alternative financing options beyond traditional loans, such as venture capital or crowdfunding. Financial experts can evaluate the suitability of different financing avenues.

7. Scenario Planning: Engage in scenario planning exercises to anticipate various financial scenarios and devise proactive responses. Financial advisors can facilitate scenario planning workshops to enhance preparedness.

8. Tax Efficiency Planning: Implement tax-efficient strategies to optimise financial outcomes. Financial professionals can provide personalised tax planning strategies aligned with current tax regulations.

9. Financial Technology Integration: Leverage financial technology solutions to streamline financial processes and enhance efficiency. Financial advisors can recommend and integrate suitable fintech tools for your business.

10. Performance Metrics Alignment: Align financial performance metrics with broader business goals to gauge success and identify areas for improvement. Financial experts can customise performance metrics to suit specific business objectives.

These financial-centric strategies, coupled with a commitment to financial agility, empower SMEs not just to weather uncertainties but to proactively leverage financial opportunities for sustainable success.

How Altus Financial Supports Business Owners in Uncertain Times

Altus Financial provides comprehensive support to SMEs and business owners through a range of services tailored to their unique needs:

  • Accounting & Business Services: Altus understands businesses, providing real-life advice to create, grow, and manage enterprises efficiently. Our accounting and compliance services lay a solid foundation for successful business operations.
  • Wealth Management: Focused on making a positive difference to clients' financial outcomes, Altus offers wealth management services that encompass financial planning, investment management, and strategies for wealth creation and protection.
  • Financial Guidance & Support: Acting as financial guides and guardians, Altus specialises in services such as business performance and CFO services, cash flow management, and strategic business planning.
  • Taxation Services: Altus helps clients reach their full potential by providing effective taxation strategies. Our expertise in tax planning services ensures you optimise your tax position while remaining compliant with regulations.
  • Corporate Advisory: Altus offers corporate advisory services, recognising that pivotal moments can define a business's success. We guide clients through crucial decisions, contributing to long-term growth and sustainability.
  • International Business Services: Altus supports businesses with global interests through international business services, ensuring seamless operations in the global marketplace.

Altus Financial's holistic approach goes beyond traditional financial services. We prioritise understanding clients, offering personalised advice, and assisting in creating tailored solutions for sustained success in today's dynamic business environment.

Empower Your Business With a Forward-Thinking Financial Strategy from Altus Financial

Navigating the unpredictable terrain of today's business landscape demands a forward-thinking financial strategy.

In the face of challenges like economic uncertainties, cybersecurity threats, and geopolitical shifts, SMEs need agile solutions to thrive.

At Altus Financial, we stand as a beacon of support for businesses, offering a suite of services that go beyond traditional financial assistance.

In an era where adaptability is the key to survival, we excel in guiding individuals through agile business models, ensuring they pivot their finances with precision.

With over two decades of expertise, I bring a unique layer of insight and innovation to Altus's offerings. My dedication to empowering business owners aligns seamlessly with Altus's mission to make a positive difference to clients' financial outcomes.

Now, more than ever, high-net-worth individuals need personalised financial planning that considers their unique circumstances. I, along with the Altus team, am ready to provide this personalised touch.

A consultation with me isn't just about financial benefits; it's an investment in peace of mind and confidence in your business's future. 

Embrace the certainty that strategic financial planning brings. Reach out to me for a consultation and unlock the full potential of your business. 

Your journey to financial prosperity begins with a single conversation.

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