Make me safer and have less risk

Make me safer and have less risk

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Planning for the exit of key individuals over time is critical for the continuity of a business and maximisation of value. Let us guide you through the myriad of potentially complex issues such as funding, shareholder and buy-sell agreements, organisation and structure, taxation and transaction planning and execution.

One of the first and most important things that need to be determined when starting a business or becoming an investor is which structure is most appropriate for you. It’s important to consider as it impacts most future decision about commercial, legal, and of course, the taxation issues.

Businesses in Australia are usually structured in one of four ways: as sole traders, partnerships, trading trusts or companies. Investors utilise trust structures as well as the all important superannuation fund, which is really just a special form of trust. Each structure has advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing a legal structure, thought must be given to the future, as it is not always easy to implement a new structure once a business is up and running.

The reality is that often a combination of the above structures provides the best structuring opportunities and depends on each particular set of circumstances.
Our advisers help you by advising on your appropriate structure or restructure of you affairs so that your tax position is optimised and compliant.

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