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Adapting to the ‘Next Normal’: Australian Businesses Prepare for a Relaxation of COVID-19 Restrictions

With the Federal Government announcing their three-stage plan to restarting the Australian economy, businesses around the country are eagerly awaiting a return to “normal” work after COVID-19. However, what will this post-pandemic environment look like, and ho.....

CFO - 4 min read

In 1950, an Indianapolis 500 pit stop took roughly 67 seconds. By the 2013 Melbourne Formula One Championship, pit stops were clocking in at 4 to 6 seconds, and that includes changes for all four tyres. The miraculous improvements in speed are a result of incredible changes in mechanics, technology, human systems and other innovations. Have you felt these seismic changes in your industry?


Disruptive technologies and an ever-expanding global market have brought enormous change to Australian businesses in recent years. We don't work the way we did just a few years ago, and yet, many of us still use the mindsets and systems of the past. One of the critical business changes in recent years has been the way organisations leverage outsourced financial programs.


Instead of expensive in-house financial departments, many companies have outsourced their needs, bringing in experts who can provide just-right levels of service. If you're spending 67 seconds in the pit while your competitors are soaring past in 6 seconds, you'll find it impossible to compete. Let’s look at how an outsourced financial program can accelerate your business growth.


Accounting and Compliance

Companies succeed when they’re built on a foundation of disciplined financial management and meticulous compliance. This groundwork allows you to focus on the parts of your business that you manage best, without having to worry about time-consuming accounting details.


CFO Services

CFO services are essential for growing businesses, but most smaller organisations don't have the resources to hire a full-time financial executive. Fortunately, you can access these services on a part-time basis by outsourcing tasks such as the following:

  • Cash flow management
  • Tax planning
  • Growth management
  • Restructuring details
  • Borrowing arrangements



Tax planning can be an unnecessary burden on so many businesses. Here at Altus, we have people who get a kick out of helping clients reach their full potential through effective tax management, and it’s our job to stay on top of the tax code's many changes each year.


Research & Development

How much research and development did it take for pit stop workers to increase their speed ten-fold? Your business may test new construction techniques or experiments with design, but these activities can be resource-intensive and time-consuming.


Our experts can help to source government grants to help you maximise R&D cash incentives. Your efforts toward innovation today will help you to achieve your goals tomorrow.


Corporate Advisory

Those game-changing moments can pass you by without the help of a trusted adviser. If you don't currently have corporate advisory you can trust, outsource these services to business experts with years of experience in your field. We can help you with acquisitions, the addition of a new partner or creating a succession strategy for the future. Nothing is as predictable as change, but reliable advisory can help you to steer that change in the direction you want it to go.


International Business Services

It's increasingly important to understand the international business ecosystem with all of its benefits and risks. We've found that with careful planning and competent support, many Australian businesses are strengthened through overseas expansion.


Creating a Strategy

Many business owners feel strong in some of the above areas and weaker in others. Get in touch with us at Altus to discuss a customised outsourced financial program for your company.


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