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Why You Should Educate Your Kids on Financial Independence

Back in the 1990s, Robert Kiyosaki wrote a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad, which explained the basic principles of financial independence learned from his best friend’s father. It sold roughly 26 million copies and stayed on the New York Times Best Sellers list.....

Estate Planning - 7 min read

Why Do We Avoid Estate Planning?

Most people acknowledge the value of estate planning and have every intention of doing it. And yet, it often ends up at .....

Wealth, Estate Planning - 3 min read

Important Estate Planning Questions to Ask Yourself

Estate planning may not be the most exciting or pleasant thing to think about. However once you begin, you’ll see that i.....

The Pros and Cons of Discretionary Trusts in Australia

Pros and cons of discretionary trusts at a glance:

Estate Planning - 7 min read

10 Estate Planning Strategies to Protect Your Family and Assets

10 Estate Planning Strategies at a glance: Start with wealth management Consider using a Transition to Retirement pensio.....

Wealth, Tax, Estate Planning - 2 min read

Reducing Tax in Estate Planning


Wealth, Estate Planning - 3 min read

Effective Estate Planning in 4 Steps

Effective estate planning is about much more than having a will. It essentially structures your estate so you can distri.....

Wealth, Super, Estate Planning - 2 min read

What Happens to Superannuation in Estate Planning?

What will happen to your superannuation when you die?

Wealth, Estate Planning - 3 min read

Estate and Non-Estate Assets in Estate Planning

Before we dive into estate and non-estate assets, it’s helpful to review why estate planning is important in the first p.....

Wealth, Estate Planning - 4 min read

10 Things to Consider When Estate Planning

A strategic estate plan is an essential element in retirement planning. Are you comfortable with your estate plan? The f.....

Wealth, Estate Planning - 3 min read

3 Ways You Can Start Estate Planning Today

It’s never too early to start estate planning, but unfortunately, it can be too late. No matter how stable life seems to.....

Estate Planning When You Own a Business

When you own a business, estate planning becomes a bit more complicated. This extra complication is precisely the reason.....

Wealth, Tax, Estate Planning - 2 min read

Estate Planning Essentials: Minimising Tax

Estate planning ensures that your property and assets are passed on to your beneficiaries in a financially efficient way.....

Wealth, Estate Planning - 3 min read

Estate Planning Essentials: When Should I Start?

People often disregard estate planning as something for the wealthy, the old, and the financially successful. But the tr.....

Wealth, Estate Planning - 3 min read

5 Common Estate Planning Pitfalls

Estate planning involves more than just writing a will. While wills are important - especially to people in their 30s an.....

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